How a Sportsbook Uses Biases to Increase Profits


Human nature possesses certain biases, and a sportsbook can use these to their advantage. Bettors often take favorite teams or “ride the coattails” of perennial winners. By exploiting these biases, sportsbooks can increase their profit margins. Here’s how. Read on to discover the top sportsbooks to make your bets. After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to winning more bets!

Offshore sportsbooks

Offshore sportsbooks differ from their US-based counterparts in several ways. For starters, they offer more options than US-based sportsbooks. They also feature wagers on international leagues. Offshore sportsbooks are part of a global market, competing for business by offering the best odds. This lack of regulation can lead to better bonuses, bargains, and security. These benefits are offset by the higher risk of fraud and illegal activities associated with offshore betting.

Legal online sportsbooks

Legal online sportsbooks are now a reality. The Supreme Court has overturned the federal ban on sports betting. Despite the legal status of the gambling industry, there are still many hurdles to overcome. In many states, sports betting remains illegal. The majority of states allow sports wagering but the regulations vary. Most states allow only betting on sporting events on tribal lands or in private casinos, and only a few have legalized online sportsbooks.

Mobile sportsbook apps

There are several sportsbook apps for iPhones and Androids, with iOS and Android versions having different installation processes. Both Apple and Google have differing policies when it comes to sports betting. The best option will depend on your preferred platform. If you don’t want to download a new application for your device, you can install an existing one. Once installed, you can use the app from anywhere. Some sportsbooks have special bonuses for mobile users. These bonuses can include free bets, betting insurance, boosted odds, and even profit boosts.

In-game wagers

Making in-game wagers at sportsbooks involves intense focus on the game. While you can track popular wagers from the live betting menu, wagers on obscure sports are often tracked by game page. Ultimately, you must wait for favorable odds and lines before making your bets. Here’s a look at the process. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most of your in-game wagers.

Moneyline bets

If you are an avid sports bettor, it is important to know how to place Moneyline bets at a sports book. These types of wagers are common in sports, but they are not guaranteed winners. As such, you should place bets on in-game events based on your bankroll and the probability of winning. Listed below are some tips to make these types of wagers.


When betting on multiple sports, you’ll have the opportunity to place parlays. These bets combine two or more individual bets into a single wager. While parlays are more difficult to win, they offer higher payouts. Parlays aren’t for everyone, but they can be a great way to make some quick money. Just be aware that you’re not likely to make a profit on parlays over the long run.

No action bets

If you have never placed a no action bet at a sportsbook, you might not be aware of what they are. This type of bet is similar to a straight bet, but there is no winner in this case. This is due to the unpredictable nature of sports. Weather can affect the outcome of games, so there’s no way to predict the outcome of a game with any certainty. No action bets at sportsbooks do not incur a penalty, but some do roll over your winnings.